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3COM Corporation and TGS provide innovative LAN solutions for organzations of all sizes. 3COM's quality products and reliability ensure maximum performance out of your LAN. From stackable switches, Ethernet NICs, wireless solutions and now voice systems, 3COM is a global leader in networking.

Featured 3Com Product:

The 3Com® SuperStack® 3 Switch 4400 48-Port is a high-Density, Stackable 10/100 Switching platform. You can deploy high-performance, feature-rich Ethernet LAN switching with high port density. This affordable, intelligent 10/100 switch is fully manageable, making it a good choice for networks of any size.

The 3Com® SuperStack® 3 Switch 4400 also helps increase network availability and reliability. The switch optimizes and controls data flow through the use of advanced quality of service, helping to ensure that mission-critical traffic reaches the intended users every time. Rapid Spanning Tree, stack-wide trunking, resilient stacking, link aggregation and built-in redundant power supply support deliver robust performance and fault tolerance.

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