You'll feel the same way about the EnGenius Industrial Cordless telephone once you make a call. The SN-920 from EnGenius Technologies is the most powerful cordless telephone available in the United States.

A feature rich telephone with exceptional clarity and range makes the SN-920 a smart choice for retail, lodging or general businesses. And with a telephone system that supports analog extensions, your staff with SN-920s can be reached wherever they may be.


  • MORE POWER: (900mW vs. 630mW in SN-900)
  • SMALLER HANDSET (40% smaller than SN-900)
  • LIGHTER HANDSET (just 8.8 ounces with battery)
  • NEW BATTERY (NiMH, not NiCd)
  • Radio: Used as two-way radios, operation is "full-duplex" like a phone
  • Transfer: Phone calls can be transferred from one handset to another
  • Range: Range in a typical urban or suburban environment is 1 - 4 miles
  • Battery: Nickel Metal Hydride Battery (NiMH) for long talk time
  • PBX: Connect to your PBX, dial 9 for an outside line
  • Display: Display shows 4 lines of text & graphics
  • Caller ID: Display Name and Number
  • Headset Compatible: You can use a headset for handsfree roaming