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New Jersey Telephone system relocations. Call: 908 272 2008

Have you found a new office space and need to move your phone system? We can pack up your existing telephone system and re-install it in your new office space. We have been moving customers all over New Jersey into business parks near every major highway. We'll be sure to carefully test the equipment before the move and make sure everything is working correctly once your move is complete.

  1. Phone company coordination: We can work with your carrier to move your phone service to your new location. Our customers keep their phone numbers too.
  2. Planning: We'll assist in picking the right location or closet for the phone sytem and computer network equipment.
  3. Expansion and Capacity: We can do a system inventory beforehand to make sure you have adequate capacity, and if not, we can offer to expand or upgrade your system.
  4. Phone and Data wiring:We can re-use existing wiring or add jacks for computer, printer, wifi or telephone where needed.
  5. Cost effective: We can work with you to get the project complete and on time.
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