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An innovative market leader in endpoint voice and video communications, Polycom's equipment has become a trusted, familiar part of the landscape in virtually every conference room in every Fortune 100 company. Polycom is at the forefront, putting the power of broadband to work—easily, productively—in corporations, schools, home offices and small businesses everywhere.

The Polycom® ViewStation™ delivers high-quality, enhanced video at 128kbps, and provides a 30 fps, 384kbps/512kbps and 768kbps options. Polycom's market leading full-duplex digital audio with noise suppression and echo cancellation almost instantly adapts to the characteristics of your conference room for exceptional sound clarity.


Polycom Soundstation The economical choice for everyday business audioconferencing, its distinctive, award-winning design is familiar throughout the world. SoundStation® Conference Phone makes natural, full-duplex (two-way) conversations easy without clipping or distortion. Simple to install and use, extension microphones expand range for medium to larger-sized rooms.