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Tapit EX Call Accounting Software

TAPIT EX Call Accounting Software is a seamless call accounting solution for your existing telephone system. All you need is a telephone system that produces an SMDR output and a Windows PC!

TAPIT EX produces powerful reports based on cost, destination, duration, extension and many more criteria. Reports can be published on a web server, printed or emailed. These reports are especially important for growing businesses and the lodging industry.

Why your business needs call accounting:
  1. Controlling Telephone Abuse.
  2. Allocating telephone costs among departments and divisions.
  3. Billing clients and projects back for phone charges.
  4. Sharing and resale of phone calls:(hotel/motels, hospitals, shared office spaces, etc)
  5. Personnel Evaluation. Which employees are doing better at being productive on the phone.
  6. Long Distance Bill Verification. Was the bill received from the long distance carrier accurate?

What's new with TAPIT EX?

  • Depending(!) on your telephone system, TAPIT EX now supports additional fields: IP addresses, multiple extension fields, multiple trunk fields, on-hold duration, ring duration, DNIS field and more.

  • New special reports (i.e. abandoned calls, on-hold time and ring time reports).

  • Transferred Call and Station to Station reporting.

  • DNIS reporting.

  • Voice over IP reporting.

  • Tapit Web Reports (included with TAPIT EX Multi-User version) - enables users to view reports on the Internet.
    TAPIT Web Reports provides users with TRUNK ANALYSIS reports. The following reports are available: All Trunks Busy, Daily Trunk Status, Peak Hour Activity by Trunk, Trunk Group Summary by Hour/Date, Trunk Summary by Hour/Date, Trunk Detail Activity by Date/Hour.
    When working with Remote Manager user can create consolidated reports
    on 30 most active extensions, account codes or telephone numbers.

  • Incoming calls pricing option.

  • TAPIT Pricing has the ability to price DNIS, IP Address and Trunk records.

  • The Systems Parameters screen is expanded to make the application tune up easier.

  • Dialing Patterns accommodates DNIS numbers, Authorization Codes and Matter Codes.

  • TAPIT CDR Loader provides TAPIT EX with the ability to integrate with
    PC-based and IP-based phone systems such as Altigen, 3Com, Avaya IP Office and others.

Click below for some sample Tapit Reports