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Vanguard series of multiservice access devices offer an extensive selection of hardware and software products for linking large central sites and branch and local access environments. Voice, Video, Data and Fax over Frame Relay, IP, ATM, wireless and other multiservice technologies using Vanguard routers.

Vanguard 6435/6455 Modular Routers
The Vanguard 6435 and 6455 deliver 15,000 packets-per-second performance with Applications Ware 5.4, and 100BaseT connectivity with the installation of a new type of daughter card, referred to as an Enhanced Daughter Card (EDC.) These new models support two Enhanced Daughter Card slots that house existing Vanguard daughter cards as well as higher performance cards. The first EDC available is the 10/100BaseT auto-sensing and will be followed by ATM and ADSL. Enhanced Daughter Cards connect directly into the main parallel bus of the motherboard and provide higher speed interfaces

Vanguard 340 Modular Routers
The Vanguard 340 is a high performance RISC based multiservice router designed for small branch offices and small office/home offices. It delivers flexible, integrated solutions to meet your business needs today and in the future. The full line of Vanguard products and services allow you to cost-effectively implement new services, including multiservice data/voice/video, Virtual Private Network (VPN), and broadband access. As part of the award winning Vanguard series, the 340 compliments the product line by providing higher performance in our low-end offering to address the next generation of IP services.